Due to the sale and demolition of the building my gallery was in this is now an online gallery only.

I now also run an online Ebay Store selling a range of my newest original oil paintings at discounted prices


Learn to paint in oils through DVD lessons


Have you always wanted to learn to paint, but just didn’t know where to start?

Are you nearing retirement and looking for a new hobby or are you looking for an outlet that will let you escape from the stresses of everyday life?

If you would like to create a piece of artwork that you can show off to your friends and family, then our learn to paint DVD lessons could be just what you are looking for.

These DVDs are designed for people who have never painted before or who haven't picked up a paint brush in years or who have painted in other mediums and would like to learn oil painting.

Award winning artist Debra Lohrere will take you through step by step painting an oil painting from start to finish. Learn about colour harmony, brush techniques and how to paint skies, clouds, trees, reflections and more.

Debra uses wOil® paints from America, which are a high quality water soluble oil paint. The brushes wash out in water, so there is no need for smelly, toxic mineral turps, which makes them ideal for people with asthma or allergies. They are ideal for beginner or professional artists.


Colour Harmony Art School and Gallery
Colour Harmony Art is now an online gallery only, due to the demolition of the historic building which housed the original gallery. Colour Harmony Art School and Gallery Image   Colour Harmony Art School and Gallery Image


What is Covered in our DVDs.

Just some of the things the Colour Harmony Workshops and Art DVDs cover are:
- The basic techniques for oil painting
- Composition
- Creating Shapes and Objects
- Colour Harmony and the Colour Wheel
- Painting Reflections
- Painting Skies
- Painting Trees
- Painting Water
- Painting Rocks
- Painting From Photographs
- Painting Wet on Wet
- Materials and Equipment
- Distance, middle distance and foreground
- Proportion
- How to Mix Colours
- How to use the Medium
and much more!

wOil® Paints from USA

  • Debra prefers to use wOil®s and these are used in all the workshops. The wOil® range of oil paints are an extremely high quality, yet cost effective brand of paints manufactured by Martin F/Weber Co. in the USA. Most colours in the range have a Lightfastness rating of 1, which means you can be assured that the colours will not fade over time. Your painting will look just as good in years to come as it did when you painted it. The wOil® have a beautiful smooth, creamy consistency which makes them flow easily over the canvas. They also have a beautiful glossy finish even when they dry, alleviating the need for varnishing your paintings. Best of all they are water soluble. Your brushes wash out in water, so there is no need for harsh, toxic chemicals like mineral turps. This makes them ideal for use by people with asthma or allergies.

  • Download Free wOil® brochure


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